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Custom Larger sized Figurines

Custom figurines hand sculpted in Porcelain clay, Working from your photos and descriptions
Entirely Hand Sculpted, and hand glazed PORCELAIN

  Due to family obligations, I am currently not accepting any new custom larger figurines orders from photos this year

Large custom sculptures typically take up to 6 weeks to complete due to the sculpting, 
drying and firing in a kiln times of the porcelain.


How they are made

I hand sculpt each original piece from  moist porcelain clay using a few simple tools and my hands. Some large shapes need an armature that will not affect the clay body when firing, I use rolled wet newpaper for this, starting with some very basic shapes. Initially I push the clay into a rough shape, and as soon as it sets up enough to hold its shape, I hollow it out with a loop tool, further defining the outer shape as I go. Sometimes I can hollow from the bottom of the piece; others I have to cut it open, then replace and close the opening.The piece is then kept covered with plastic, typically for weeks, in order to force the drying to be even from the inside out. If it dries too quickly it can create cracking when firing in the kiln.  During the drying process I add form and detail each day. Weather and humidity can greatly affect the length of this process. When I am satisfied with the sculpture and it has dried most of the way through, I allow it to dry very thoroughly to prevent explosion during firing.  It is then placed in my kiln and slowly fired to 1850 degrees F.  Then I use various underglazes and stains for colors and then photograph them for you to make sure the color placement is correct. Once the colors are applied, I fire the piece once more to 2246 degrees F, which brings out the true beauty of Porcelain. I may then do another color check, and re-fire the piece once again with a clear glaze which seals all of the colors into the clay body, for an exceptionally long lasting keepsake.



These are 100% HANDMADE in the USA
No molds or castings are used.
All of my work is designed, hand-formed, flazed, and fired by me.