About the Artist
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The Magic Sleigh
Handmade Custom Dog and Cat Christmas Ornaments and Figurines. 
My style has a special fondness for capturing the heart of each Sculpt,
with a sense of humor, adding the individually distinct personality of each dog and cat.




About the Process....
Each ornament and figurine starts as a simple lump of porcelain clay...

I hand form the basic shapes
carving and adding details, 
like curling fur on the ears, and tiny rosebuds
Making tiny cookies
Next the sculpt is placed in the kiln to dry, then be fired

Once they are completely dry ( in about 2 weeks, weather dependent) The kiln is fired very slowly to 2246 degree Fahrenheit, 

this takes close to 24 hours! 

When the kiln cools, I open the lid, then start the hand glazing process

After the glazing is completed, I start adding what is called "overglazes"
These are the golds, mother of pearls and other unique finishes and coloring that adds to the completed sculpt 
These also must be fired on, the lowest firing temperature of the process, this takes about 4 hours at 1157 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each piece is fired in a kiln a minimum of 3 times, most between 4-6 times until the coloring is correct, 
which is why they take about 3 weeks to complete!



About the Artist 

The custom made Christmas ornaments and figurines you will find in my shop are all personally hand sculptured and crafted by me in my home.  My kilns are in the garage and I do all of my sculpting and designing in an extra bedroom.

I believe in the spirit of Christmas giving.
I am a cat and dog lover, and I love all of God's creatures!
A portion of ALL proceeds is for animal rescue and welfare including


The Magic Sleigh was an idea that has developed over time.
The idea of taking photographs and descriptions of your cats and dog, and creating the likeness, is fascinating. I hope to instill in each creation some of the pets personality and characteristics.

My earliest childhood memories were laying under the Christmas tree, watching the sparkling lights, and enjoying the magic of Christmas. My Mom taught me to make bread dough ornaments with cookie cutters, then painting them. I had forgotten this until I had small children and no money to buy ornaments for my tree, so I started again and after a year, people were buying them off of my tree! After a couple of years of selling bread dough ornaments, I was frustrated at the lack of ability to sculpt with this medium. While cute, they were not permanent or flexible to work with.

I took a pottery class, and learned from porcelain doll artists how to work with porcelain. After much much trial and error, patience and determination, I learned to work with this very difficult clay body. In 1991, my porcelain ornament business was born!